by The Dandyls

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Side One:
Ball n Chain Music: 5:04
Cherry Nose- 2:39
Not Fade Away/Mul Mantar: 2:05
Only Love- 4:21
Oh Fido Deeo Dough: 5:26

Side Two:
Whitehouse- 5:32
Elephant Dance- 6:12
The Shamrock: 2:10
Ball n Chain Blues 4:52

(track timings are approximate)


released July 2, 2014

Frut Dangoes- Lead Vox, Guitar
Shaman Kokopelli- Lead Guitar, Assistant Vox
Victor St. Baloo - Bass Guitar, assistant vox
Gary Eddy- Drums

All songs and lyrics by Evan Fillon except for Not Fade Away written by Charles Hardin and Norman Petty and the Mul Mantar written by Guru Nanak Dev. The former title has been properly licensed through HFA the latter adheres to the public domain

All Tracks recorded and Engineered by Nathaniel Kiser at Sleeping Partner Studios in Atlanta, GA except for “Whitehouse” engineered by Justin Hughes at his home in Reynoldstown

Mixed by Adam Bruneau and Gary Eddy
Mastering by Luke Venable
Album art by Flournoy Holmes

Special Thanks- Heather Olsen, Adam Babar, Adam Bruneau, Adam Waldorf, Justin Hughes, Paul Harper, Nathaniel Kiser, Chris Brooker, Flournoy Holmes, Priscilla Smith, Kelly Blackmon, Buckminster Fuller, Suburban Lanes, EATs, The Highland Inn, and Pallookaville Fine Foods




The Dandyls Atlanta, Georgia

Full album available upon purchase.

Release show at The Mammal Gallery JULY 3rd
Featuring Ed Schrader's Music Beat

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Track Name: Ball n Chain Music
Say you're an African Elephant...
even if the whole world voted for Ricky Santorum
in the end
baby, it'll be okay
just keep singin that ball n' chain music baby just keep slingin that ball n' chain...

I know your parents are underwater on their mortgage
can't afford yr daily poorage so you forage at Whole Foods,
take all yr poops at the Caribou
and I know politics is bollocks
we know we voting daily with our wallet's go to th mall...
buy up all their balls,
and we can swing that ball n' chain over their heads baby we can sing that ball n' chain music...
Track Name: Uht Oh (Cherry Nose)
Uht oh,
Cherry Nose
opens up a bottle with the space between his toes
he goes 'oh my Cherry Pie, likes to get fucked n' she loves getting high'
she thinks, 'oh my I'm getting fat thighs' pulling up her pantyhose she aimlessly sighs,
'well it's tough shit, bitch, you can't quit putting on the Ritz, that's what y' get for bein a fuckin' addict'
'but' she says, hot damn that candy man, he's workin in the desert for me in that desert sand thinkin somethin like 'oh man y'know man I need a fan, I'm soakin in muh old sweat n I'm getting a tan' but he really thinks, “oh my, that Cherry Pie, fingering you was like fucking the sky”

(2 weeks later)

'well whoopty doo, how are you?
You look like a fuckin idiot an ye smell like a zoo,
but how do you do, can I help you?
You been actin like a stranger to me since you started rollin' wit that new crew'
'Oh fuck you Nancy Drew! Who ever gave you the right to pry into my life,
I been with like 9 other guys, n' I'm getting on fine. There's a place in Little Five,
three bottles of wine ten ninety nine!
Track Name: Boppa Bah
"Those aren't the words!"
Track Name: Not Fade Away
I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be
yr gonna give yr love to me
I wanna love you night and day
y'know my love'll not fade away

Bop bop bop bop
My heart is bigger than a Cadillac
I tried to show you but you drive me back
You're gonna know just how it feels
I want you more than a peace deal

bop bop bop

Ik oa(n)kaar
sath naam
karathaa purakh
akaal moorath
gur prasaadh
aadh sach jugaadh sach hai bhee sach
naanak hosee bhee sach

Har Har Har...

walk like an Egyptian...
Track Name: Only Love
Drugs'll rob you of yr illusions.
Penetration just causes confusion.
Draw yr' own conclusions;
Only love will never fool you

and education is for consumers
if you believe the internet rumors.
The government is a tumor;
Only love will never fool you

Your boss will try to tool you
while your tutors try to school you
only your mother/girlfriend/goldfish should ever rule you;
only love will never fool you.
Track Name: Fidodeeo D'oh!
1492 Columbus heard a crazy tune,
it went wop-boppa-looboo, uh, whop bam-boom
...somethin about blue suede shoes, so he headed west
for the eastern sea
with the Nina,
the Pinta, and a tambourine!
Tryin to remember this crazy tune...
(first hear-d it in a dream...)
(it went)
O! Fidodeeo dough!

He came upon a patch of land, callin himself an American,
it was the perfect spot for a Democracy;
pot was cheap and labor was free!
O! Fidodeeo Dough!
With slavery and peyote we had thirteen crazy colonies,
until one day when, SUDDENLY!

The Indians busted in on us and took all of our tea, threw it into the sea, I know, we was all like, 'O.M.G'!

It was the beginning of World War Three
following a simple motto:
O! Fidodeeo dough!

With Washington at Valley Forge,
t'was freezin cold, but up spoke George, he said,
'Fo-doh-dee-oh' an 'Beetle um bumm,'
'I wanna hold your hand' 'All you need is love'
Crazy words,
crazy tune,
he was fighting the American Revolution what are you doing, Dad?

And then Saddam Hussein boarded a plane,
ruining everybody’s groovy Tuesday,
so we sent some tanks in to investigate,
opening up those most porous of gates.

There's oil everywhere.
Track Name: The Shamrock
He's a Shamrock;
he's got it all figured out.
He's a Shamrock;
he's a Shamrock;
he's got it all figured out.
He says, 'let me give you some advice,'
oh 'let me give you some advice...'
'No man's an Island,
entire of itself.'

He is a Shamrock;
he is a Shamrock;
he is a Shamrock;
he is a Shamrock;
he is a Shamrock;

We are The Dandy's
We've got it all figured out.
We're in a rock band,
we get food stamps;
we've got it all figured out.

So listen to our advice.
O! Listen to our advice:
'Do not go gentle into that good night!'
We are The Dandyls
We are a rock band
from Atlanta, GA
Track Name: Elephant Dance
Elephant dance
You look like a fucking idiot
Elephant dance
Elephant dance
you look like a fucking idiot

Octopus dance
octopus dance
waving your arms
you have so many psychedelic arms
you look like a fucking idiot
you look like a fucking idiot.

Vampire dance
vampires dance
sucking blood
sucking virgin blood
you look like a fucking idiot
you look like a fucking idiot

Vegetable dance
soon you'll do that vegetable dance.
Sitting there.
Just sitting there.

You look like a fucking idiot.
You look like a fucking idiot.
You look like a fucking idiot.

Yeah, do the Elephant dance...
Track Name: In The White House
one, two, three in the Whitehouse (there is nothing to do)
in the Whitehouse (it is so boring)
in the Whitehouse (they've got a swimming pool)
in the Whitehouse you can go bowling!

In the Whitehouse they have video games
in the Whitehouse it's a bloody arcade
in the Whitehouse Grand Theft Auto (it's awesome!)
in the Whitehouse X-Box 360!!!! MODERN WARFARE THREEEEEEE!!!
(They even got a Wii in the Whitehouse)
in the Whitehouse they've got drawers full of jewelry
in the Whitehouse you get to appoint your own jury
in the Whitehouse dolla dolla bills, y'all, Dad, duh!
(everybody get on the dance floor)
in the Whitehouse everything is free
in the Whitehouse they'll even do your bloody laundry
in the Whitehouse bloody bloody sheets, Dad?
in the Whitehouse bloody bloody sheets...Dad?!
(whaddaya think about that, Sasha?)
Track Name: Ball n Chain Blues
It works if you work it that ball an chain
It works if you work it that good old ball an chain.

O! I been searching for that lowered down heavenly road
I heard it was paved in my woe.
-'Well, it is if you say it is,
-it is if you think it is
-it is if you heard it was it's all the same...

because it works when you work it.
That ball an chain.

O! I been sinking down a low low lonely hole
a grave I fell into eight years ago!
-'Well, it only sucks if you suck it,
-it only sucks when you suck at it
-it sucks when you suck it that good old