Ball n Chain Music

from by The Dandyls



Say you're an African Elephant...
even if the whole world voted for Ricky Santorum
in the end
baby, it'll be okay
just keep singin that ball n' chain music baby just keep slingin that ball n' chain...

I know your parents are underwater on their mortgage
can't afford yr daily poorage so you forage at Whole Foods,
take all yr poops at the Caribou
and I know politics is bollocks
we know we voting daily with our wallet's go to th mall...
buy up all their balls,
and we can swing that ball n' chain over their heads baby we can sing that ball n' chain music...


from Malia, track released July 2, 2014




The Dandyls Atlanta, Georgia

Full album available upon purchase.

Release show at The Mammal Gallery JULY 3rd
Featuring Ed Schrader's Music Beat

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