Uht Oh (Cherry Nose)

from by The Dandyls

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Uht oh,
Cherry Nose
opens up a bottle with the space between his toes
he goes 'oh my Cherry Pie, likes to get fucked n' she loves getting high'
she thinks, 'oh my I'm getting fat thighs' pulling up her pantyhose she aimlessly sighs,
'well it's tough shit, bitch, you can't quit putting on the Ritz, that's what y' get for bein a fuckin' addict'
'but' she says, hot damn that candy man, he's workin in the desert for me in that desert sand thinkin somethin like 'oh man y'know man I need a fan, I'm soakin in muh old sweat n I'm getting a tan' but he really thinks, “oh my, that Cherry Pie, fingering you was like fucking the sky”

(2 weeks later)

'well whoopty doo, how are you?
You look like a fuckin idiot an ye smell like a zoo,
but how do you do, can I help you?
You been actin like a stranger to me since you started rollin' wit that new crew'
'Oh fuck you Nancy Drew! Who ever gave you the right to pry into my life,
I been with like 9 other guys, n' I'm getting on fine. There's a place in Little Five,
three bottles of wine ten ninety nine!


from Malia, released July 2, 2014




The Dandyls Atlanta, Georgia

Full album available upon purchase.

Release show at The Mammal Gallery JULY 3rd
Featuring Ed Schrader's Music Beat

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